Photos showing San Jose driveway garden before and after, plus three flower details

Agi’s vision for my native garden fulfilled all my desires. I love that there is always some new pop of color throughout the various seasons of the year. I also enjoy watching the native bees, humming birds, lizards, and more stopping by to enjoy the garden as well. Thank you Agi!

Bill Leasure
San Jose

I hired Agi to help design my front yard, and convert an old lawn that consumed tons of water, into a CA Native plant garden, utilizing water efficient irrigation and plants. She worked around a huge camphor tree and came up with a beautiful design that I am getting compliments on from neighbors all the time. She is so knowledgeable and is very helpful with questions or anything I need. I am enjoying the yard and look forward to watching everything as it grows, and attracting new pollinators and other wildlife in my new yard.

I highly recommend Agi to anyone seeking a CA native plant expert!

Nanci Scharfen
Mountain View

I am among the mostly silent on GWN [CNPS Gardening with Natives forum] as I read nearly every day's posting. You — you are amazing. You so generously contribute a wealth of information. You delicately present to novices information they appear to be timid about exploring. As we all applaud every effort toward more native and sustainable gardens — I especially applaud you for your time, effort and generosity.

Ginny Babbitt
Los Altos

I joined the daily gardening with natives Q&A a few months ago. I volunteer with with CNPS Monterey Bay chapter weekly+. Thank you for your wise presence on the site. You have shared so much with so many. And with so much patience! You are a gift to our precious natives and the animals, bringing us together. With much gratitude.

Amy Essick
Carmel Valley

garden in bloom, bordered by trees behind and bike/pedestrian path in front

Dear Shirley, Carla, and Agi,

On behalf of the Bol Park California Native Plot Committee and the Barron Park Association, we would like to express our deep gratitude for your undaunted dedication, efforts, and hard work to beautify our little corner of Bol Park with a California Native garden. Our Native Garden is a precious jewel that enhances and graces our neighborhood. We are so fortunate that you had the vision to create it and the endurance to nurture it and make it grow. We thank you.

Linda Elder
Newsletter of the Palo Alto Barron Park Neighborhood Association

garden scene: mounds of white, orange and purple flowers

I am inspired to learn all of the plants on my new garden list! I’m having fun reading up on all of them and coming across some of them on our hikes. Thanks again for the wonderful design. You have opened up a new world for me!

Annie Haines
San Jose

From the first walk through of our yard to the finished landscape design, we had a very enjoyable experience with Agi. Agi is a wealth of information about California natives and a great resource for landscapers. She answered all of our questions and was very thorough when walking us through the design process.

Agi also helped us jump through the hoops of matching the Santa Clara Water District’s list of acceptable natives for the lawn rebate program. Her wisdom and knowledge made what could have been a very painful process, almost stress free!

And, now that we have our landscape installed, we are already loving the beauty of Agi’s design. From the delicate lavenders and whites of the currently blooming flowers to the thoughtfully placed pathways and stones, we are thrilled with our California Natives yard.

Jennifer & Warren James
San Jose

garden scene: birdbath, poppies, clumps of blooming shrubs, newly planted with room to grow

Having Agi design our front yard was the key to our successful conversion from lawn to CA native. She is very easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the plants. She incorporated our existing trees in the design and chose plants that are thriving in our environment. She also provided guidance during the installation (which we did ourselves), and great maintenance instructions. Now in our second spring, I look back and I know that we would not be where we are without her! It was the best investment.

Christine Couteau
Grace Ave Garden, San Jose

Garden scene: shrubs with orange flowers and a variety of attractive stones

Agi is knowledgeable and passionate about California Native gardens. This encompasses not only plants but also benefits for native birds and insects. She wanted to make sure we understood what she was recommending and why. We learned so much from working with her and we had a lot of fun. Our landscaping is beautiful and we are getting lots of compliments from our neighbors and friends. We look forward to continuing our relationship with her as our garden matures.

Cheryl & Don Weiden
Los Altos

Front yard scene: mounds of red-flowering shrubs in front of natural stone wall, tree and deer grass behind

You might think that a native garden would not be very exciting. But you would be wrong. Agi has done amazing work transforming our front lawn into a beautiful, sculpted work of art. She is hands-on, committed, detail-oriented, and passionate. Her enthusiasm is contagious! We love our new landscape, and would recommend Agi without reservation to anyone wanting a gorgeous, ecologically-sound makeover.

Peter Cellarius and Heather Shelvey
San Jose

Yes, Agi IS an accomplished and experienced bay area native plant landscape designer! We gave her a list of plants we wanted to include and a lengthy list of desires for our front yard - and voila, Agi came up with a WOW design we both loved. Her excellent communication skills enabled this couple's sometimes differing opinions to be satisfied. Her step-by-step plan allowed us to do all of the work ourselves. A joy to work with! We highly recommend Agi for her flexibility (Flexibilis kehoensis), delightful sense of humor (Umor sensus californica), and huge talent (Magna talentum agium)!

Mary Lynn and Tony Schoenbeck
Los Altos

Agnes “Agi” Kehoe is a fabulous designer and plants woman. I have known and worked with her for several years and we are very pleased with her extensive knowledge of native plants. She seems to be able to find the right plants to compliment our garden. Being our fourth native plant landscaper, we are excited that we have finally found someone who understands the life cycle of these plants—their light and water needs and their growth pattern. Her work is very successful and her use of color, shape and size creates a beautiful garden. Passersby always remark at the beauty of our natural garden. She is a professional who is dependable, organized and very fun to work with.

We give her two green thumbs up.

C. Elliston and J. Huck
Palo Alto

Garden scene: red- and purple-flowering shrubs backed by taller green leafy shrubs

Agi has been making monthly visits to help us maintain our native plant garden since 2006. Always cheerful and pleasant, she is a hard worker and not afraid to get ‘down and dirty’ for weeding and deadheading... increasingly difficult tasks as the garden matures. And we have benefited from her many helpful suggestions for new plantings, many of which she has been able to acquire for us. We highly recommend her work.

Peter & Sue LaTourrette
Los Altos

Everything looks very amazing! I cannot believe the riot of colors you achieved. We are really enjoying sitting on the flagstone patio and just absorbing the smell of the plants and watching the birds & butterflies. Who needs to travel to a resort when you have that in the backyard!

Sandi Spires

toddler amongst pink and red Clarkia wildflowers

Agi, you've been so great about everything! We have really enjoyed your vision and your knowledge! We're quite proud of our garden, and have gotten so many compliments on it!

Marla Miller & Lance Lawson
San Jose

Photo by Lance Lawson, used with permission

The installation is complete and the rebate check is in my wallet! You completely understood my vision. It is meadow-like and gorgeous! Kevin and I love it more and more as the plants get better established. Thank you so much again! Gorgeous work; it's very much appreciated!

Kevin Knapp & Michelle Evans

garden scene: large clay flowerpot containing yellow flowers, deer grass, flat rock, large blue ball

Agi is an extremely talented designer—extremely knowledgeable about California native plants, passionate about preserving our natural resources and protecting wildlife, responsive to customers' needs and requests, and a true delight with whom to work. She's a skilled business woman who communicates effectively, prepares comprehensive documentation, and maintains close contact with her clients throughout the project. I wholeheartedly recommend Agi!

Susan Mosher
San Jose

Garden scene: purple-flowering shrubs, including name tags and a rock decoration

Agi Kehoe brought about a turning point in my life when she designed a beautiful native plant garden for me with year around color that invites birds, bees and insects. Now my garden is my retreat at home where I am so happy to see the same beautiful flowers I find when out hiking the Bay Area from Marin to the Pinnacles. My previous landscaping was largely composed of bermuda grass.

Jean Staats

Garden detail: mounds of white and orange flowers

Agi is extremely knowledgeable about CA Native Plants and has a very creative eye in design. We had great results and she is great to work with to complete the job in an extremely professional manner.

Shirley Finfrock
Palo Alto

I enthusiastically recommend Agi Kehoe to anyone seeking help with a yard in Santa Clara Valley, especially to those who are interested in moving towards a yard that is beautiful, but that also is thoughtfully matched to our wonderful climate, local soils, and wildlife. Agi has a wealth of plant and design knowledge. She listens carefully, and suggests creative, economical, and environmentally-friendly solutions to a wide range of challenges – from designing and installing garden elements (aided in the installation by a very good contractor) to assisting with either regular or schedule-as-you go visits for expert pruning and yard cleanup.

Elsa Nimmo
Menlo Park

We hired Agi to landscape our yard with California native plants after seeing some of her other designs. We had a good collaboration during the design phase, which I think is very important. We're very happy with the results. We've received many compliments from our neighbors, too!

Jim Conley

Agi has been a mentor to me from the first day I met her. Her passion for the environment and professional commitment to restore balance to nature and wildlife through our gardens has strongly inspired my own path as an environmentalist and avid native plant gardener. As a designer, Agi works from many levels to bring sustainable solutions to every project. Be it her volunteer work in the community, time among colleagues, or residential client work, Agi is enthusiastic and actively devoted to the education of caring for our environment and all the life it supports. She is also an absolute joy to be around and I highly recommend her!

Brian Bump
Mountain View

Front yard garden: mounds of orange, pink and purple flowers

Agi is an expert on native plants whose enthusiasm is contagious. Agi designed our beautiful front and back gardens and has maintained them since 2005. She works within your budget to design a visually appealing environment that is sustainable, water wise, and habitat friendly. She is flexible and will incorporate existing non-natives into the design where appropriate. She will provide reference materials and resources to assist you in making the best decision. Her fees are very reasonable and she does many supplementary tasks without charging. If you hire Agi to design your garden, you can count on high quality results.

Denise Delange

right edge of a long row of grass   left edge of a long row of grass